Club 42 is a youth baseball program that brings kids from affluent Westside communities together with African-American kids from the inner city to play on the same teams in all the Pony and Little League age groupings.   Club 42 was co-founded by John Branca the co-executor of The Michael Jackson Estate, and nephew of Ralph Branca, the last living member of the historic 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers of Jackie Robinson's rookie season in Major League Baseball.

Each age group of Club 42 is divided up into one of the four baseball teams that Jackie Robinson played for...The Dodgers, The Monarchs, The Royals and The Bruins. This coming year there will be approximately 42 kids in each section of Club 42 including 8u 10u 12u and 14u divisions

Club 42 plays every Sunday morning at The Valley Christian Athletic Association fields in Encino and from time to time at The Major League Urban Youth Academy.  The Dedeaux Foundation will be leading the way to build lights at the VCAA field so all the Club 42 teams can play each weekend.

The Dedeaux Foundation is pleased to support and joint venture with Club 42, and looks forward to collaborating with John Branca and The Michael Jackson Estate to create Club 42 opportunities for African-American kids to excel at baseball, as well as create future academic scholarships for high school and college.